Nestled on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, I’ve taken up residence in the not-so-sleepy town of Bend, Oregon.

In this beautiful area, I have several invite-only offerings primarily for my group and one-one-one students. The reason that I do invite-only is because I want people committed to the path. Those people who have already been coming to my online classes show me that they’ll show up.

You have to show up for yourself on the spiritual path. No one else can do it for you.

Spiritual Outings Around Bend

Bend, OR is a vibrant community with lots of interesting communities to explore as part of your work with me one-on-one or with a small group of people, which I’ll be facilitating.

In my “Other Offerings” section, I talk about some possibilities such as the Spiritual Laboratory.

The Spiritual Laboratory is a gathering of three to six people who come together over several days to do…whatever.

Whatever arises becomes the “spiritual experiment” that we collectively explore together. People commit to this vulnerable, unknown to truly co-create the spiritual experience of the moment.

On the spiritual path, you hear me and other people say, “Be here now.”

Then people ask, “But what do I do?”

The laboratory is an answer to this.

With Ecstatic Dance, kirtan, beautiful parks, great local food, farmer’s markets, beautiful gardens, eclectic gathering spaces, and other wonderful things in Bend, we have access to lots of things in a small area to spontaneously create whatever the group wants to create.

Opportunities in the Central Oregon High Desert

Bend, Oregon is located in the high desert on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. The Cascades are extinct volcanoes (or at least very, very sleepy, and that’s how they should remain for the foreseeable future), and they have an amazing presence, topography, and ecology to them. Creating spiritual offerings and outings in those spaces has the opportunity to really challenge and uplift people in new and intentional ways.

For example, many people struggle with feelings around being able to confront difficult things. Hiking up a few thousand feet to the top of South Sister mountain is a way to engage with those feelings and to create a sense of success.

There’s a lot of internal work to do first before we head up the literal and proverbial mountain together, but this is just one example of allowing the external nature to support people in their inner work.

Along with mountains, there is desert where we can explore the silence and emptiness that is unique to desert spaces. There are rivers and lakes that we can dive into metaphorically or physically. There is a massive caldera to investigate as well as majestic Smith Rock.

All these spaces can amplify different things within you.

Want to Meet up in Bend, Oregon?

At this time, I’m only setting up things with people I know and who come to my classes firstly. But usually, the invites are only going to my group and one-on-one students.

How do you become part of the groups and/or become a one-on-one student.

Come to classes.

For those who are already eligible, feel free to reach out. We can discuss more about what offering is right to help you shed your attachments and realize spiritual freedom.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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