One of the biggest things people want from this path is validation.

Not truth.

Not freedom.


Again and again, people email me these long stories hoping that I’ll validate their experiences. And when I don’t, they’re frustrated.

“Oh, he must have misunderstood.”

“Oh, he isn’t conscious enough.”

The reality is that their ego just wants, needs, and CRAVES the support to continue believing their current story–even if it is awful.

The ego has to do this because your story


Things that actually exist don’t need us to believe in them or need to get validation for themselves.

I’m not in the business of bolstering egos. I point people towards the truth.

So if you’re serious about this path of letting go of ego, you’re going to have to see all the ways you want validation and learn to let that go to begin to see the truth of who you actually are.

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