We all have so much information flying at us on a regular basis in our modern, digital lives. It’s tough to keep up with it all.

To help you with my little part of the blog-o-sphere, I’ve surfaced a couple of really important posts that I wrote last year. I hope they are helpful!

1 Understanding Intuition

Lots of people follow their intuitions. I used to do the same.

But what exactly are we following?

And why?

This post is a super important one to help you find freedom from your ego and find the space to truly make your choices.

What Is Intuition? Part 3

2 Making Spiritual Progress

What is spiritual progress, really?

Or does it not exist at all?

What does spiritual progress mean in context of the reality that we are here now and always will be?

In this post, I hope to help you understand the practical use of the concept of progress.

7 Signs of Spiritual Progress (and 6 Signs that Are Not Progress)

3 Letting Go of Suffering

A central aspect of the spiritual path is letting go of suffering.

What is suffering?

And how is it possible to let it go?

This post explains more.

How to Let Go of Suffering

4 Addressing Core Issues

This last spiritual blog post is an allegory about the many impacts of core issues. I encourage you to follow ClearSky and the Rancher’s journey in understanding another level of the importance of our inner work.

The Choke Tree

If you have other favorite blog posts of mine from 2022 or any years, feel free to leave a comment below.

In love and kindness,

Jim Tolles


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


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