The spiritual business world is full of so much nonsense.

And spirituality is a business. The Catholic Church is thought to be worth $700 billion dollars!

The more secular/self-help/self-healing/spiritual businesses are doing their best to maximize profits by preying (not praying) upon people’s ego desires.

Below are 5 nonsensical promises that came in a newsletter sent to me advertising one person’s offerings–no, I’m not saying who. Apparently this person believes that they can teach/give you:

  1. “The power to expand time so you can do more in less time than ever before without adding stress to your life”
  2. “The power to experience “sustained fire” to keep you operating at your highest energy level throughout even the most challenging times”
  3. “The power to partner with the energy of the Universe to more easily accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams (even when the world feels upended)”
  4. “The power to expand and express your creativity without sacrificing your daily responsibilities”
  5. “The power to almost magically attract the money, people and resources you need to move your projects forward and achieve the level of success you’re striving for.”

Some of the ego issues and general gullibility that are getting preyed upon:

  • Self-worth issues/disempowerment feelings
  • Entitlement/belief you can have everything you want
  • Denial of body needs for rest/illusion of constant productivity (which is always a level of stress on people!)

There’s so many more lies and illusions just in those 5 “powers,” but when people are early on their spiritual paths, they all can be alluring.

Don’t get stuck seeking these things.

Surrender your ego.

Surrender to what Is.

Here are so posts to help you get going in the true direction–inwards.

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