A lot of people think that community just happens.

It doesn’t.

We’re deeply socialized from the beginning of our lives to know how to engage with people.

And if we aren’t taught important socialization traits, then we don’t have those traits.

Instead, we’ll go towards whatever traits we do understand and know how to use.

As our society continues to fragment towards hyper-individualism, a lot of people aren’t learning the many, many different skills necessary to be in a healthy community.

Which makes creating healthy community even more work.

But it is worth it.

Community is one of the things we desire most. When we feel deeply supported and loved by a large committed group of people, we are profoundly happy and fulfilled.

A Path Back to Having Community

Powerful Community Facilitation

I’ve built, lead, and facilitated communities since 2019, and it’s such a powerful experience when I help people step into a new level of communal connection.

The shock, tears, and joy can overwhelm people, and it takes a lot of skill to help people navigate these things so that don’t shut them out.

But it is so worth it. The more people know what is possible in healthy community connection, the more they want it.

And we should want this.

This isn’t an ego desire. This is a biological need to have others committed to our well-being and for us to be truly committed to the well-being of others.

And again. It’s not magic. The rules and architecture of how human beings want to connect have existed for millennia.

We need to re-learn them and bring them back.

Improve Your Community Leadership

I’m helping people learn about 11 Principles of Healthy Community because we need you.

We need all the community builders, leaders, and healers we can get.

You can learn more about this offering and how to get in touch with me below.

The Art of Community Building


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