Let’s do a quick reminder about what the path to spiritual freedom is.

Freedom is a release from suffering.

What is suffering?

Suffering is our resistance to reality.

Whenever we believe life should be different than it is, we suffer. When we believe that life is what we think, we are momentarily happy. But that happiness is unstable. Soon reality changes, and we are unhappy again.

It’s this pendulum swing that people live their whole lives on.

What I teach is how to get off the swinging pendulum, not how to hopefully stick it to the side of life where we are always happy. However, that hope is very common for many people. It leads to all kinds of expectations that the spiritual path to freedom does not offer.

How to Let Go of Suffering

Instead, we learn to let go of our beliefs about what life should be.

That’s not something that happens over night, and I have a whole blog full of posts and a YouTube channel full of videos to help you understand this

unlearning process.

That doesn’t take a lifetime. This path does have an end, as I discussed in this newsletter.

The End of the Spiritual Path Newsletter

But it does take dedication and sincerity.

I’m here to help you if you want to sincerely let go of your suffering.

Also, here’s a video on getting help for men in particular, but it will help many other people understand about the plight of the American man, which impacts everyone around us.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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