You may have heard a lot about a new consciousness or the need for a new consciousness for our world.

It’s often used in context with the idea of a global awakening.

I talk about things like this differently.

When I talk about consciousness, I’m talking about all that Is.

That stuff that Is everything does not change.

It would be like saying that we need new atoms. But they’ve always been here. They just get organized in different ways.

So I don’t talk about a need for a new consciousness. Consciousness is here.

It has always been here. It will always be here.

However, we’ve got some decisions about how long we want the human species to be around and the level of human experience we want to have.

Which leads to the point of the video.

We need a new global mindset.

In fact, I don’t know that we’ve ever had a global mindset to bring together 8 billion people in cooperation. That is something that is arguably new for humans, but perhaps not for other living creatures like bacteria. Who knows how the trillions of them communicate and move together?

With that said, please watch the below video and share with others as we seek to find a way to bring human beings together into a healthy, sustainable, collective global community.

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