These days, it can be a frustrating thing to know what is real or not. Everyone is shouting about knowing the truth.

It drowns out what is actually true.

And in all this confusion and noise, people then hold on even tighter to whatever it is they are used to believing.

So let me start with a simple question:

What is truth?

Focusing on Reality

The truth is what is real.

It’s not an idea.

Think of the truth like gravity.

Whether you believe in it or not, it still impacts you. You will suffer it a lot less when you accept that it exists.

Conversely, our beliefs are not real. You have never seen a belief.

You’ve never seen your ego either. Go looking some time. See if you can point to a belief or an ego.

You’ll point to objects and people, but where is the belief? Where is your ego?

Lost in Thought

We live in a culture that is lost in its head. It’s so out-of-touch that people believe that anything they think of is real. The Internet has made it easy to reinforce these beliefs, and let’s be really honest about the spiritual path:

Spirituality is a dumping ground for some of the craziest of beliefs!

There are so many people claiming to have had a spiritual awakening who are spewing pure nonsense. If you don’t want to be one of them, you have to have a deep yearning for the truth.

Hearing the Truth Again and Again

Human beings need repetition.

In this case, we need repetition hearing the truth to counteract the repetition of lies and illusions.

Every day, we get up and our culture throws countless lies and illusions at us. When you see all the ads that you see in big and small ways–from sponsored posts on Instagram to logos on peoples’ clothing to television ads–you’re typically being told something is important to you that isn’t. You’re told that certain products are important. You’re told you should be certain ways.

You’re told again and again to be someone you’re not.

But it’s even worse than that.

Every morning you wake up, and you do the same thing to yourself. You repeat your ego story over and over again. You do it so completely and quickly that you don’t realize you’re doing this.

That’s why we need to hear the truth again and again. We are interrupting the string of illusions and lies.

Simple, Powerful Truths

No matter what you do, you are here now.

That’s a higher truth.

It’s always true.

Human beings are creatures of patterns.

That’s a truth of the moment. Maybe after 3 million more years of evolution, we won’t be creatures made of specific patterns or attached to repeating patterns. I have no idea what this would look like, but I accept that I can’t imagine all possibilities.

And certainly, we have codes of conduct in society that we learn to accept and live by.

These are totally illusory.

But they are useful to us now.

I accept that exchanging money is part of the conduct of society. The idea of money doesn’t exist. Tomorrow, we may all decide to go with cryptocurrency or barter-and-trade or something different than our current exchanging situation. Money isn’t real or true. It’s a illusory vehicle we can use.

But before getting too far down the rabbithole of illusions we will continue to engage with and consciously use, it is important to be clear on what is real and true.

Dissolving the Ego


You know it’s about dissolving the ego and letting go of your illusions. Along the way, it is helpful to hear what is real.

And to hear it again.

And again.

And again.

Until we can no longer tolerate the nonsense of our ego, and we truly want to break free.

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