We typically think of dogma being associated with religion.

Let’s broaden your understanding.

Dogma is a belief or set of beliefs that are accepted without question.

In this way, there are many forms of dogma with which people are completely enmeshed. In this enmeshment, they blindly believe what they believe, and they build ego structures to reinforce their beliefs. This is necessary because beliefs don’t exist anywhere. They need constant reinforcement to seem real.

From the outside, it’s easy to watch others do this and point out their flaws.

What human beings aren’t so good at is realizing how they are trapped in their personal dogma.

A true awakening can be the start of breaking out of our dogmas and freeing our mind.

But please don’t wait around or hope for a special spiritual event to open your mind. There are steps you can do today to help free your mind and discover more possibility, creativity, and wonder in your life.

5 Kinds of Dogmas

People love to blame religion for being dogmatic.

A lot of the time they’re right. But again, dogma is any set of beliefs that people blindly believe in. That literally can be anything, including

  • Scientific dogma
  • Psychic dogma
  • Sports dogma
  • Financial dogma
  • Political dogma
  • Parenting dogma
  • Economic prosperity dogma

Some of them may sound strange, but there have been riots over the results of sports games. Many people believe so intensely that their team has to win that they get upset when their team loses.

So there have been riots when a team loses. Sometimes people have rioted when their teams won.

It’s crazy.

That’s the nature of the ego and dogma. It creates insanity and suffering.

4 Steps to Free Your Mind from Dogma

As usual, the spiritual path is simple.

Simple does not equate to easy. It’s not that some of this can’t be easy. It’s that we don’t want to find out how wrong we’ve been.

We make this path hard, and pride is a massive blocker to any change on the spiritual path or any path. Pride says, “I’m great. I don’t need any help. I know what is real. I’m right.” It makes a lot of statements to try and protect a person from reality.

Shame is also in there as well as plenty of other ego responses that resist looking at the truth.

More so than a fear of reality, people are terrified of seeing themselves.

So what do we do?

Along with digging deep into your personal cache of courage, here are 4 steps for freeing your mind:

  • Accept you are trapped in your thinking/person dogma
  • Come back to awareness to watch your thought patterns
  • Learn to notice the emotions and sensations of subconscious perception
  • Get outside support to re-imagine your life and think differently

Step 1 of Freeing Your Mind: Acceptance of Dogma

It’s tough to accept that we brainwash ourselves.

Everyday, we get up and remember a thousand things about who we think we are and what we think everything else is.

We do it so fast and completely that it feels like the truth. It’s that feeling that is harder to change than the thoughts. But that’s part of the larger view of inner work and spiritual inquiry. We dig out all kinds of responses and ego attachments that create this comprehensive experiential (thoughts, emotions, and sensations) illusion in which we live.

But to get releasing attachments, we have to accept that we create this whole-body illusion.

More to the point, we have to accept that our illusory dogmas are problematic. Until we do this, we don’t believe anything is wrong, and our mind will only see a very narrow circle of possibility.

This pin-hole view on life leads us to having the same experiences, the same relationships, the same jobs, and mostly the same things over and over our whole lives.

Step 2 of Freeing Your Mind: Awareness

Awareness is the space inside of us that observes our thoughts, patterns, emotions, and sensations. It is free of dogma.

Awareness does not believe in anything. It simply sees.

Coming back to awareness is the tiniest of moves that you can make on your path to freeing your mind.

But it is the most profound.

When you come back to awareness, you have a chance to see life differently and think in new ways. Or you can return to the old ways. Awareness doesn’t stop you from anything. That’s part of realizing spiritual freedom.

However, without doing the next 2 steps and consciously creating new ways of thinking, you’ll go back to the familiar ego and dogma patterns because they are all you know.

Step 3 of Freeing Your Mind: Subconscious Perception

As you watch from awareness, you’ll notice other things happening inside of you. You’ll notice emotions and sensations. These elements are clues to deeper thought and belief patternss that create and color your entire perception.

For example, a lot of people look at life through a problem-solver ego lens.

That means they’re constantly looking at things as possible problems. The emotions and sensations are often uncomfortable for the person at a subtle or overt level, and the feeling that “something is wrong” drives the person to find a problem to fix so that they can feel safe.

Even when there aren’t problems, the ego searches for problems so that it can then search for solutions.

If all else fails, the ego creates a problem just to have a problem to solve!

This silent ego assessment has to come into awareness before re-imagining and thinking freely are possible. Otherwise, the problem-solver ego (and other forms of ego perception) keep looking at life as problem. They can’t allow other non-problem situations and opportunities to exist.

They don’t know how to see them much less what to do with them.

Step 4 of Freeing Your Mind: Re-imagining

Human beings aren’t as imaginative as they think. They need outside ideas to consider things differently.

This is where reaching out for support is critical.

You need to hear from different points of view to open and free your mind.

When you are imagining, your ego is feeding your ideas within the sphere of what you already believe to be possible.

If you go to social media for help these days, you’ll find an echo chamber. They will tell you what you already want to believe. The algorithms are built to keep your attention, so they surface posts that you’re likely to understand if not totally agree with.

Most people are out of practice with new ideas. However, the more radically different someone thinks, the more power there is to expand your mind.

There is also a strong likelihood the ego will reject what you hear because it doesn’t know what to do with these new ideas. Learning how to accept radically new ideas liberates your mind. It ushers in the possibility of re-imagining.

Re-imagining allows you to step into the vast freedom of possibility that is already here for you.

There’s a lot more I can say about re-imagining. It’s a step with lots of little steps under its umbrella. But if you want help freeing your mind, you can reach out to me for a one-on-one session.

A Free Mind Sees Reality

Ultimately, a free mind sees reality rather than the beliefs it is used to looking at.

Do we still have patterns going on inside?


Do we still have beliefs?


But when your mind is free, you are unattached to your beliefs. You hold them lightly. You inquire to see if there is any reality to them when they arise.

Again and again, the focus is on what is real, not what we want to believe. From that space, you can think creatively, solve problems effectively, and enjoy the wonder of this gift called life.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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