Who am I?


This is the truth.

I call myself Jim Tolles. I work as a spiritual teacher.

But those labels are not who I Am.

Most of you are expecting a story for “Jim Tolles.” You’re expecting a list of descriptions, certifications, statements of experience, professional associations, name-dropping, and a laughably small set of memories out of all my experiences that are meant to encapsulate the whole of me. By creating such a story, I am already doing you a disservice. I am creating an illusion.

The work that I share with is meant to help you let go of illusions and to realize spiritual freedom. Realizing spiritual freedom is about letting go of illusions and attachments that cause you to suffer.

What is suffering?

Suffering is how you react to the world based on your illusions. Your ego influences how you think and perceive. It impacts how you view yourself and your world. People respond to the world not as it Is, but as they want it to be. Invariably, the world doesn’t play by the ego’s rules, and then people suffer when things don’t go their way. Their partner breaks up with them; they get sick; they lose their job; and other events lead to the ego reacting and creating suffering.

In 2006, learned that I created my suffering and that I had a choice. I could choose to continue suffering or to let it go.

I choose to let it go.

And I’ve discovered that ultimately there is no ego person inside of me—there is only awareness, which is nobody.

Since 2010, I’ve been helping people remember their nobody-ness. I’ve connected to lots of people in lots of ways to help them out of all kinds of suffering. It’s a service that takes us into unpredictable spaces because life is unpredictable. It is a world beyond false ego limitations where you can discover a small portion of the vast potential of life and the possibility inside you.

I am still discovering my own potential.

I hope I can help you discover some of the vastness within you.