There are many reasons people come to the spiritual path, but the main reason to work with me is that you aspire to let go of your ego and realize spiritual freedom.

What is spiritual freedom?

It is surrendering to what Is.

Surrender doesn’t mean that we do nothing. Actually, when you let go of your illusions about the present moment, you find that you are able to do anything that is possible for you. For some people, the sheer amount of possibility is initially overwhelming, but then you see what practically needs to be done.

And you do what is practical.

However, there are two defining traits that I’ve seen in “successful” students and other followers of the spiritual path. Successful means they realize freedom from their ego rather than being trapped acting out the same patterns again and again. The nature of freedom is that we are allowed to endless act out patterns. Freedom doesn’t stop us from repeating patterns endlessly.

If we want out of that suffering and aspire to know ourselves, sincerity and discipline will guide us through all of the ego resistance and primal attachments we have.  

If you don’t have them, then it’s time to develop them. These traits are characteristics that you can develop at whatever stage of life you may be in.

If you are ready to be sincere and discipline, follow the links to some of my offerings. I may be able to help you.

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