If you’re looking for support from me to help you on your spiritual path, then my online classes are where to start.

My online classes cover basic topics including:

  • What is a spiritual awakening?
  • What is spiritual freedom?
  • How do you do inner work?
  • What does staying as awareness mean?

We also explore deeper topics such as:

  • How to handle the ego grind and the fires of transformation
  • How to prepare for spiritual transformation/awakening
  • How to figure out what is ego and what is truth
  • How to handle desire-loss/apathy and other shifts in how you experience life

For a longer list of classes, you can check out this link:

Jim’s Online Spirituality Classes

Classes last for one hour and ½ with a 5 minute break half way through. I talk for the first half of the class, and then I answer your questions in the second half.

You can sign up for one class at a time. There are usually 8 to 12 people in a class.

Everyone is asked to have their web cam on so that we can foster a sense of community.

The suggested donation for a class is 50 USD for those with the financial means. For everyone else, whatever you can honestly share is accepted.

Classes are required to be considered for my other offerings such as dedicated groups (3 to 6 people communities that work together over 3 months), one-on-one sessions, mentorship, and other services.

If you want to sign up for a class, you can join my free newsletter. I regularly share my next openings for classes through the newsletter along with other spiritual tips and blog posts.

I look forward to having you!