Communities grow and change together.

Communities inspire each other and lift each other up.

Together, a community of people will move through issues and attachments that they never would have done individually or with only a spiritual teacher supporting them.

I understand this.

That’s why I offer spiritual groups.

My groups are small (3 to 6 people) communities of people exploring a particular topic as a way to let go of the ego and realize spiritual freedom.

Topics that have been explored include:

  • How to hack the ego/do self-inquiry together
  • Discovering emotional resilience
  • Navigating spiritual turning points together
  • Men’s issues and the spiritual path
  • The trap of success in the material world
  • What does it mean to mature in your twenties on the spiritual path
  • How spirituality helps to handle uncertain times
  • The nature of desire and wanting and their roles on the spiritual path

People invited to a group commit to 7 gatherings after an initial introductory gathering. The introductory gathering helps people to decide if they want to be part of this specific community.

The gatherings are online, but I may also do some in-person in the future. They go for 1 hr and ½, and we meet every two weeks. If you’d like to hear some of the thoughts of my community members, you can learn more here:

Community Testimonials

If you want to be considered for this opportunity, you need to come to my classes. In coming to classes, I get a sense of how serious a person is about the spiritual path. If I see progress, I may invite you to one of my groups.

To find out about upcoming classes, you need to be on my free newsletter. If you aren’t on my newsletter yet, you can sign up below.

Choosing Your Spiritual Friends Wisely