Working directly with me is powerful.

I’ve supported many people through a lot of healing, realizations, and transformations.

A lot is possible in one-on-one work…

…for the people who truly surrender to the process.

To truly be ready to consciously surrender to a spiritual freedom teacher is a process unto itself. Hence, I usually recommend that people come to classes, get used to my no-nonsense teaching style, and learn about what the path to realizing spiritual freedom is.

Then apply what is recommended.

In so doing, you prepare yourself for deeper levels of connection and deeper internal understandings. Without this preparation, most people resist, avoid, ignore, and otherwise sabotage one-on-one work.

Types of One-on-one Sessions

I’ve been working as a spiritual teacher since 2010, and I offer a variety of types of sessions:

  • Consciously Re-imagining Your Life After Ego
  • Realizing Choice and Spiritual Freedom
  • Inner Work
  • Relaxation, and more.

Please come from a space that is ready to work and expects no magic pills. Letting go of ego is a practice of coming back to awareness and disidentifying with your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. We do this thousands of times.

It requires dedication and sincerity. That’s what matters most in a student.

At its best, a one-on-one session (online or in-person) is a catalyst. It helps to boost things into awareness. From there, it is up to you to follow that impetus wherever it takes you.

One-on-one Testimonials

FAQ About Sessions

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