Other Offerings

I am always creating something.

We all are always creating something in life. Life is constantly being re-created/reborn.

Along with the classes, groups, etc., I have also developed and am developing other kinds of formats for my spiritual teaching to help people break through ego attachments in different ways.

Those include:

  • Experiential journeys for my groups,
  • Spiritual laboratories, and more!

The one-on-one intensive is a way to go deeper with me over 2 and ½ days.

The experiential journeys are focused activities to help groups explore different realities like truth and love or consciously engage with issues like doing something difficult to confront a core issue like “I can’t.” (“I can’t” is an issue that causes people to quit on themselves and can show up in many ways).

The spiritual laboratory is the most spontaneous of gatherings. For this one, I invite 3 to 6 people to explore whatever arises in the group setting over 2 and ½ days.

As mentioned elsewhere, if you want to be considered for any of these, then you need to come to my classes to get familiarized with me as a teacher.

If you have questions, ideas, or interest in these offerings, you can sign up for my newsletter and reply to the welcome email.