Welcome to my spiritual awakening section. The resources below are meant to help you better understand what a spiritual awakening is and how to sustainably transform.

What is sustainable spiritual transformation?

It is how we take care of ourselves and dedicate ourselves to this path to transform with the least amount of stress and struggle. The ego causes a lot of stress and upheaval, and it will put up a fight on the way out. You should not expect that the ego is will just disappear. In fact, you should expect your ego to hold on hard even when another part of you will want to let go.

This can make you feel split between two worlds.

But the work can be made easier when you know what to do.

What Is Going on?

You’re starting to let go of the illusion of your ego.

What is ego? It is all the beliefs, perceptions, and feelings that are perceiving and projecting onto life. The ego is not seeing what is real; it is seeing what it wants to see.

Because of the ego’s disconnect from reality, people find all kinds of issues and pain to be processed. This is all part of realizing spiritual freedom–realizing that you are already free and that you do not have to live by the rules, beliefs, feelings, and sensations that have colored your entire experiences of life. I recommend reading this blog post to better understand spiritual freedom and how it relates to spiritual awakening and other spiritual shifts:

How to Find Spiritual Freedom

Before going further, please consider this question:

Have you had significant physical, emotional, or mental trauma?

For people who have had trauma, their experiences of returning to a natural state of rest are often described as a spiritual awakening. During these experiences they may feel very light, open, at peace, and loving in ways that they may never have experienced.

But then they return to their habitual state of physiological and psychological trauma.

For many, openness leads to more traumatic memories surfacing. This includes lots of body sensations and emotions. This may be described as a dark night of the soul, but really, this person is at the start of trauma release. They need professional, trauma-informed support.

If this describes you, please go to the healing section.

Find the Right Healing for You

Awakened Resources

When I discuss spiritual awakening on this blog, I am talking about when someone breaks from total identification with the illusion of the ego. That could be 1% now watching from awareness or 34%. Rarely is it 100% despite how big of an experience someone may have. This break in the illusion ushers in a time of disorientation, healing, growth, and spiritual transformation as a person comes to terms with their actual reality not the reality that they thought was happening.

If you are in a spiritual awakening as I define it, you do not control it. It doesn’t matter if you have a spiritual practice or not. It doesn’t matter if you think you are spiritual or not. A part of you simply can not re-believe the old story now. It sees that your ego/identity is made up.

If you are having/have had what I call a “spiritual opening,” then you can go back to sleep. No one will stop you!

The following blog posts are meant to help you let go of different levels of ego attachments and to create greater ease in your transformation. Ultimately, this path is taking you to your natural state where you are free of attachments and the suffering they cause.

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Common Experiences After Awakening

There are many types of experiences people have after awakening. Below are posts with more information about sleep disruption, feeling “crazy,” bliss, fatigue, depression, being alone, losing desires, pain, energy sensitivities, and more.

7 Common Spiritual Awakening Experiences

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Spiritual Tools and Strategies for Awakening

Here are some tools and strategies to help you do the spiritual inner work you need to do. If you are brand new to spirituality, please look to the resources and spiritual tools in the starting out section.

You may also find my ebook to be helpful.

The Process of Releasing Pain (Must Read)

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Spiraling into Darkness

If people don’t handle their spiritual shifts well, things can get scary bad. These posts are aimed to help you get out of this downward spiral. If things ever get too dark, please reach out to someone for help!

The Dark Night of the Soul

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Imbalances Caused by Spiritual Growth

Wanting to Awaken

If you’ve read any of the other posts above before getting here, then you should understand that awakening is serious business. How you may transform will be unique to you. This isn’t a system you turn on and off when it is convenient for you. It has a life of its own because it IS the life in you.

With that said, a lot of preparation should be done if you are considering doing this. You need to be prepared for any psychological, emotional, or physical shift that can arise. That typically means doing inner work to get to know what is residing in your unconsciousness and working on issues you already know you have.

Even when you do this and if you then have an awakening, it won’t be like anything you would expect. You will discover all kinds of things inside you–things you knew, things you didn’t know, and things you didn’t want to know.

So be sure to go to the starting out section and build your foundation. It will serve you well.

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