Going Deeper

How do you go deeper on a path where you are ultimately now here/nowhere?

If you’ve already awakened, what else is there to do?

The reality is that there are many, many layers of ego and attachments. The ego is not one thing that is dropped once no matter how big the spiritual shift is. The ego is many, many pieces–often conflicting–that we learn to identify, accept, embrace, and release.

This may seem endless, but it is not (as the next section will discuss). But if we don’t go deeper, we will do what we already do–repeat patterns endlessly and ignorantly.

Here are some posts to help you go deeper wherever you may be on your spiritual path.

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Completions and More Loss of Ego

You’ve already “lost” so much. How much more is there to go? A lot more than we ever suspect. The layers of subconscious ego and our more primal attachments run deep.

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If you want more direct help going deeper, here are some of the services I offer: