Going Nowhere

You are here now.

I can re-arrange the words to help you better understand what I’m saying.

You are now here—nowhere.

The funny thing about the spiritual path is that advancement is opposite of what most people think of as advancement.

In school, you start out with simple things and by your doctoral candidacy, you’re writing hundreds of pages of analysis in a dissertation and have an extended defense.

On the spiritual path, we are losing ego complexity.

We lose a sense of progress.

We lose our sense of preferences.

And after all this losing, our doctoral defense would simply be:

I Am.

In some of the deepest moments of release, people may even feel only the “Am.”

However, most of us will still live in a body for some time, so we’ll operate from the “I am” to live in this world.

Along with all this, a deep sense of no longer needing spiritual tools beyond watching from awareness is experienced. You are where you are.

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