Many people come to the spiritual path in search of healing.

There is a lot that gets healed on this path.

There also is a lot that does not get healed here.

Furthermore, some people are hoping to avoid their issues. It’s like wanting lung cancer to go away without quitting smoking.

On the path to realizing spiritual freedom, we learn to accept reality.

The reality for many people is that their health issues need to be resolved with a health practitioner.

Psychological pain needs to be resolved with a therapist or another trained mental health advisor.

Any form of denial about what is actually needed only creates more pain and suffering. For more thoughts about trying to get these other types of healing from a spiritual teacher, please refer to this post:

Using a Spiritual Teacher as a Therapist

Additionally, this blog is not sanctioned medical or therapeutic advice. Nor is it equipped for emergencies. Serious emergencies should be directed to emergency service providers in your area:

Thoughts on Suicidal Thinking and Spiritual Emergencies

Spiritual Healing

With that said, what does this path help with?

It helps you learn to stop making choices that cause you suffering.

The vast majority of our emotions are chosen and re-chosen and re-chosen again. We see something that we believe is sad, we tell our bodies to make us feel sad. We see something that we believe is happy, then we tell our bodies to make us feel happy. Around and around we go creating the same emotional ups and downs.

The more we practice something, the more it happens unconsciously. The more this happens, the more we can cause greater and greater amounts of mental and emotional suffering and even physical pain to ourselves, loved ones, and others.

In learning how to come back to awareness and break these loops, a tremendous amount of healing is possible for many things.

But not all things.

And many times, people realize through surrendering to what Is, that they need other forms of help and support rather than working with a spiritual teacher.

With all that said, here are some blog posts to better help you with the healing that may arise on this path.

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If you want to awaken, it’s important to work on the issues that you already know about. As you do, you find issues you didn’t know you had and eventually delve into your core issues. In this way, you clear space for the awakened energy to flow rather than to have a cluttered inner space that gets churned up by awakened energy.

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I encourage you to use the search tool to find other blog posts on this topic. I have dozens.