Mentorship is the process of being taught how to be a spiritual teacher.

Being taught as a spiritual student is being taught to understand yourself. Being mentored as a spiritual teacher is being taught how to understand many other types of people/egos and help them realize spiritual freedom.

It’s a lot more work.

Let me be direct: this program is not for most of you.

This is not a program to make you feel good about yourself or to validate a story of you as a helper. This type of spiritual mentoring isn’t a diploma-mill certificate program that I have to make more passive income. And this certainly isn’t for the wounded person trying to fix their wounding through fixing others.

This is a hands-on, direct, in-person program that will likely span years to get you ready to handle the rigors of spiritual teaching. It involves:

  • Helping you with your deeper unresolved attachments and social beliefs (trying to go somewhere is a common one),
  • Learning about your emotional and psychological capacity,
  • Evaluating what students want versus what they say they want to help them appropriately,
  • Figuring out how to choose students,
  • Learning how to teach the basics like coming back to awareness, meditation, self-inquiry, and more.

My mentorship program is also for people who want to be full-time spiritual teachers. Doing something full-time is very different than doing something as a past-time or part-time. That means we need to discuss:

  • Setting up a business,
  • Asking for enough money to fully support you,
  • Deciding on your online presence and your overall go-to-market strategy,
  • What people to not work with in business,
  • Privacy laws and the nature of being an international teacher (if you have an online presence), and a whole lot more.

Through all of this, you will have to be a student of mine first before becoming a mentee. Coming to my online classes is how you start the journey of becoming a student.

Some of the characteristics I look for in a mentee include:

  • Resilience and tenacity
  • Discipline
  • Compassion and love
  • Honesty and sincerity
  • Good decision-making skills
  • Adaptability and more

Here’s more information on this link:

Spiritual Teacher Mentorship Program

If you think you’ll be a fit with me, then fill out the mentorship form below. I’ll email you to start a conversation if I think there’s a good fit. We can talk more about donating for my time, why you want to become a spiritual teacher, and many other important topics before I decide whether to accept you as a mentee.

Once again, you will have to come to classes first. Then we’ll work you through groups up to one-on-one sessions before getting to the actual mentorship process.

Being a spiritual freedom teacher is a serious commitment, and it has seriously profound impacts on the people you support. You have to be ready for this, and this program is meant to ensure that you are ready to be a spiritual teacher for a few people or potentially millions.