Many people get stuck in their healing and spiritual journeys because they think the spiritual path is all about thinking. We have a lot of cultural reinforcement for this  belief in Western Society. You hear people say that “if you change the way you look at something the way something looks changes” and “mind over matter.” So people try to change their beliefs around core issues or just “move on with their lives,” and then the issues don’t go away.

What’s going on?

What’s going on is that human beings are multi-faceted, multi-layered beings, and each layer of us responds in different ways. The mind is about beliefs and ideas, but it is still very much a product of matter. If you have a brain injury, your mind does not function the same as before. This is a simple reality, but it seems like it is a reality that people forget on their spiritual journeys. Furthermore, a lot of people like to re-decorate their mental space with new spiritual ideas on their paths, but new ideas pasted over the same core issues do not resolve those issues.

Thus, it happens a lot that people find themselves still operating in the same old emotional and behavioral patterns even after all kinds of inner work. That typically means you haven’t gone deep enough. You haven’t gone into the emotional, energetic, and physical paydirt of the issues. When you swing your pickaxe in those arenas, you’ll feel it. And depending on the intensity of the issue and your response to that intensity, you may feel quite a bit of pain. Then, then you’ll know why people don’t work though the deeper layers and prefer to create new spiritual beliefs instead.

In this talk I discuss how to engage mindfully with the heart, body, and energy to get to paydirt. I hope you enjoy it!

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